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Media Room Additions in Fort Worth, TX

Media RoomA media room addition is a great idea for creating a space that will give you and your family a place to escape everyday stress while strengthening your relationships. You won’t have to deal with any outside distractions while you enjoy some great music, a movie or a television show. Covenant Construction Services has the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure your home theater addition is exactly what you want, and will bring you years and years of happiness and enjoyment.

Adding a Home Theater

There is really no right or wrong way to have a media room addition created. As long as the final product meets your exact specifications and is a fun place to gather, the project will be a success. Some experts say the best shape for this type of room is rectangular, with a flat ceiling that is no higher than 12 feet. But at Covenant Construction, we don’t try to fit our customers into any sort of narrow-minded box. We will take all of your wishes into account to design a space you will love.

Entertaining Your Guests With a Media Room

There are a few considerations you want to take into account when planning a media room addition. For example, you will probably want to make it an enclosed space so you’re not disturbed by outside noises. You’ll also want to have some sound-absorbing materials in your home theater addition so your speakers work as intended, and sounds don’t bounce back and forth across the room.

Again, we do not try to impose any sort of design constraints on any of our customers. However, we have found in the past that the most successful types of media room addition do not include windows. Outside light can prove distracting when trying to watch a movie or TV show, and glass can reflect sound waves. If you want to have windows, you may want to consider having blinds attached to keep out light. You may also want to think about using a heavy curtain to absorb sound waves.

Our Other Home Addition Services

No matter what type of home theater addition you envision, the professionals with Covenant Construction Services are ready to bring it to life. We have a great deal of experience in media room additions throughout the Metroplex, and we will make sure your job is done right the first time. Call us at 817-896-5687 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. We can help with any home addition, home remodeling, or commercial remodeling project you may have.