New Construction

New Construction

New Commercial Construction Dallas, Fort Worth & Frisco

There isn’t anything more exciting than building a new commercial space, retailer, restaurant or office.

The smell of sawdust, the buzz of the saw, the planning, preparation, and designing – it all adds to the glee of new commercial construction, especially in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex!

However, that excitement can soon turn to frustration and anger if the commercial construction contractors you use aren’t committed to providing the best in quality service.

The builders and partners of Covenant Construction Services are devoted to the complete satisfaction of all our customers and will work closely with you to make sure the result of our work meets your high standards.

New Construction

If you are about to embark on a new commercial construction project, you don’t need to look very far, because we’re local, so your success is our success!

The Best of Fort Worth Commercial Construction Companies

We have performed many new construction projects throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area, so you can rest assured we have the know-how needed to get the job done exactly as you want.

We don’t do the job halfway, we never draw out a project, and we don’t cut corners.

Instead, we provide you with experienced commercial builders who will help you make well-informed design decisions, and then we walk you through every step to make sure your experience is as stress-free as possible.

We know new builds can be tough, but we are here to make that process easier, and even enjoyable.

Our CCCD – Custom Commercial Construction Dallas

A business is more than a place where you go to get a paycheck. It is also the place where you spend a substantial portion of your life.

As a result, you want your commercial space to be extraordinary and really tell your employees and customers who you are.

At Covenant Construction Services, we make sure you look forward to coming to work each day. You will always be able to count on us to pay meticulous attention to all of the details – both large and small – and you’ll also be able to rely on us to deliver top-quality craftsmanship.

Whether you are planning a brand new commercial construction, or a commercial remodel, we can take care of all your needs.

We can customize your new construction in any way you like, helping you choose among current trends to make your workplace your dream space.

Our professionals will make your commercial construction something truly special, no matter what your vision may be.

What’s Your Next Commercial Construction Project – New, Remodel or Addition?

New Office Construction & Remodels

We can provide you with a detailed consultation, so we know exactly what your custom vision is for your office space.

Our attention to detail is why we are the best Fort Worth commercial construction contractors, and we would love to leave you a happy customer.

New Restaurant Construction

We love restaurants, and we would love to see more coming into our neighborhoods.

But if you need help getting your restaurant off the paper and onto the ground, then come speak with all of us at Covenant Construction Services today!

Retail Space Remodeling or New Construction

Your retail space is a customer’s first impression of your advertising, brand and products or services, and it can mean the difference between a client gained and one lost.

New retail space commercial construction is a good investment and can add a load of value to your commercial space.

We can provide you with ideas, suggestions, even pictures of our previous work to help inspire you further. We will work closely with you to create a custom retail space we know you will love.

New Hotel Construction or Renovations

Hotels are one of those industries that every city needs, and Dallas, Fort Worth or Frisco are no exception!

If you are looking at taking the leap into the business, or expanding, remodeling or building an addition, then compare us, and see what we can do for you.

No new commercial construction job is too big for Covenant Construction Services.

Do You Need a Commercial General Contractor Fort Worth, Dallas or Frisco, TX?

If your next step is finding the best commercial general contractor in Fort Worth or the surrounding area, then come in and speak with us.

We offer free consultations, endless information and experience, and the best service around.

Call us at 817-896-5687 or contact us to speak with one of our professional team members.