New Year, New Office – 2019 Office Renovation Guide

New Year, New Office – 2019 Office Renovation Guide

New Year, New Office – 2019 Office Renovation Guide

Posted on January 10th, 2019

Sometimes change is good, and sometimes change is great. Covenant Construction believes that making changes to streamline productivity, increase efficiency and bolster company culture is a great way to begin a new year.

And with 2019 just beginning, this is the perfect time to make the changes in your office that you’ve been dreaming of.

But how do you tackle an office renovation? What do you ask? Who do you ask? And where do you even begin?

Though an office renovation may seem like a huge undertaking, especially if it is your first one, it really comes down to just a few steps. And when you partner with Covenant Construction, you aren’t alone!

This isn’t our first renovation, so even if it is new and uncharted territory for you, we can help guide you through the entire process.

We want the end result to be exactly what you imagined. And to help you with that, we have created a 2019 office renovation guide to help kick-start your motivation and planning in the new year.

3 Steps To a Successful Office Renovation

Understand Your Budget & Work With a Company That Will Stick To It

There is nothing worse than working hard to make a budget and get your finances in order only to have your contractors ignore it or overshoot it.

Covenant Construction knows that this is frustrating, and we have had many clients who come to us gun-shy because they have been overcharged in the past from our competitors.

We make your budget and your comfort our number one priority, as we know that the money is coming from somewhere and it is not infinite.

Of course, you have to spend money to make money, and we always provide the very best in quality and value, but that doesn’t mean we will walk over your budget.

Choose a company that will work within your needs and budget, and the rest of your office renovation will be much smoother.

Make a Renovation Strategy | Make a Detailed Design

Now that you have the budget in place and you’ve decided where you will get the money from for your new office renovation – you can have a little more fun.

Consider what you want out of your new and improved space.

Are you looking for a certain feel, culture, style or functionality? Do you want an open plan to encourage team building and communication or smaller workplaces to aid in specific projects?

Perhaps you want to follow many modern office trends and create a workspace that caters to remote or unconventional teams?

Regardless of your designs, you need to be able to articulate these elements. And the best way to do this is to know what you want ahead of time by planning.

You can do this by researching online or even taking pictures of areas you like or features you see elsewhere that you would like to incorporate into your office remodel.

And of course, if design isn’t your forte, you can always work with one of our Covenant Construction design team members who eats, sleeps and breathes office remodel designs.

Communicate Openly & Often

Communication between clients and contractors is one of the largest shortcomings we see within our competition.

It seems that often, contractors will be involved just up until they get their first check, and then suddenly the client has trouble getting ahold of them or making changes to their design plans.

Covenant Construction Services and our contractors stay consistent with our communication and keep you in the loop every step of the way. Do you want to make a change in your design or style? We not only accept these changes, we expect them!

We have been in the industry long enough to know that sometimes a client’s wants and needs change, and we are happy to accommodate these changes.

Because we communicate openly and often with our clients, we maintain a high level of satisfaction, customer services and customer care throughout our projects. And that makes the entire office renovation smoother and more enjoyable for both parties.

Do You Need an Office Renovation in 2019?

If an office renovation sounds like just the thing your business needs in 2019, then do not hesitate to call Covenant Construction.

Whether you are in the very beginning stages or know exactly what you want, we are here to help the process along and create the perfect space for you and your employees.

If you need design help or just a few tips, we can work with you to find the right fit. We can’t wait to work with you in the New Year.